NICOLE RICHARDS - Nationally Published Bridal Makeup Artist, Educator, Speaker & Founder of Minding HIS Business


Hey there!

I’m so excited that you’re interested in learning more about how you can infuse your faith into your business.

I’ve been following Christ almost as long as I’ve been a business owner and at some point in my journey, I started to feel the stretch of straddling two worlds for a very long time. My entrepreneur friends weren’t Christian and my Christian friends weren’t entrepreneurs. I felt disjointed and unauthentic.

I had so many questions like:

  • How do I infuse my faith into my business in a way that makes sense?

  • I’m completely uncomfortable sharing my faith story while I’m working. But they need to know, how should I tell them?

  • I don’t have all the right words, where do I start?

  • Is there anyone else having the same problem as me?


Since I had trouble finding a networking group that could help me with my questions, I created one and Minding HIS Business was born! Our mission?

To create a community of support, guiding women on how to merge their sacred life and secular work, in order to run a Christ focused business that unashamedly shares the Gospel. With Romans 1:16 in mind, through our work, we boldly live out loud declaring “...I am not ashamed of the gospel…”  

Looking forward to meeting you!